Do you want your tunes played sat night?


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Win Your Tune On Vinyl - The GreenHouse, Midnight Tonight!

For One Night Only - Breakz Returns to The GreenHouse! - giving Itchyfingazzz and Relapse a well deserved night off!

Live on Leet Radio (, Saturday 5th August 2006. Midnight > 2am GMT.

Producers Quiz in the Chat Room during the show! Take part and the winner will get a tune of theirs pressed onto Vinyl courtesy of who are our newest supporters! So if you want a copy of your tune on Vinyl, you've gotta be in the chat for the show, where we'll tell you the rules before getting the quiz on the go! All producers taking part must have a track in mind that they want to be mastered and put onto vinyl!

Non-Producers, don't be disapointed, because you'll be getting the treat of hearing the true future of drum & bass from amazing artists such as: SOUNDBYTE, DJ LITTA, LIO, PRODUCER SNAFU, RUVEN, SPECIALIST SOUND, TOMASSIVE, GAMALEX, SYSTEM ERROR and many more!

Receive and Give feedback in the Live Chat during the show, plus get the live tracklisting, the brilliant Producer Quiz and general fun n froliks.


Wicked people - Tell Your Friends and support the unsigned crews simply by tuning in!
The GreenHouse, Sponsored by MusicV2. Supported by Knowledge, Mixmag,, The Sunday Times, DNBA, DOA and Open Your Mind.

big up you lovely people :cool:

------------------------------------------ the quiz: more info

The GreenHouse - Live Chat Producers Quiz, supported by

7 Questions, 1 every 15 minutes starting at 00:15

When you see a question come up, get your answer up as quick as you can!

1st correct answer = 3points / 2nd correct answer = 2points / 3rd correct answer = 1point

The producer with the most points at the end of the show will be declared the winner and will win a pressing of their own tune on 12" courtesy of - In the event of a tie, a tie breaker question will be asked, and the producer with the first correct answer wins!
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