Dubstep "Dnbstep" (mixed live 2012-03 by DJ Mix)

DJ Mix

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As with my first posted mix ("The Breaks"), I originally came across these tracks (and effectively this music) mostly because they were made by Drum & Bass producers whose output I follow. And as with my second posted mix, unfortunately I never managed to record a proper version of this collection of tracks I call "Dnbstep" - but there is this live recording from a party in March 2012 where I played its current version at the time. Since then the Dubstep tracklist in my "to mix" folder has grown and is evolving into shorter abstracts with more overall tracks by more artists, so I finally decided to upload this older version as it is, even though some of the mixes/transitions and the Beatmatching are executed rather imperfectly on this recording (I blame Budoka's CD-players which I had never used before). Especially the transition between tracks 17 and 18 is painfully out of sync, but then the mix into track 19 makes up for that (imo). And the overall unity of the theme in this mix (in this form) has grown dear to me. So, anyway, here it is.


01. Intro [CD/vinyl]
02. El Haijn - "Surface Of The Sun" [Internet www009]
03. El Haijn - "Out Of The Unknown" [Peppermill 2099]
04. Apotheist - "The Darkness Inside" (El Haijn Remix) [Internet www009]
05. Deadmau5 - "Raise Your Weapon" [mau5trap MAU5CD05]
06. Feed Me & Tasha Baxter - "Strange Behaviour" [mau5trap MAU5036]
07. Feed Me - "Blood Red" [mau5trap MAU5CD006]
08. Robyn - "Call Your Girlfriend" (Feed Me Remix) [Embassy Of Music 4250330563584]
09. Feed Me & Gemini - “Whiskers” [mau5trap MAU5047]
10. Feed Me - “Relocation” [mau5trap MAU5047]
11. Deadmau5 - "One Trick Pony" [mau5trap MAU5CD05]
12. Noisia - "Machine Gun" (16bit Remix) [Division DIVISION005]
13. Deadmau5 - "Raise Your Weapon" (Noisia Remix) [mau5trap MAU5035V1]
14. Feed Me & Tasha Baxter - "Cloudburn" [mau5trap MAU5CD006]
15. Katy Perry - "E.T." (Noisia Remix) [Capitol 5099902701158]
16. Skrillex - "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" (Noisia Remix) [mau5trap MAU5CD004]
17. Noisia - "Tommy's Theme" [mau5trap MAU5038]
18. Misanthrop - "Hammerfaust" [Neodigital NDGTL002]
19. Phace - "Teufelswerk" [Neodigital NDGTL002]
20. Noisia - "Stigma" (Neosignal Remix) [mau5trap MAU5045]