dnbscene.com has relaunched (finally)

danny marx

Owner of dnbscene.com
May 18, 2002
London, the home of jungle
Hello peeps

Well, it's been a few years... but I am very pleased to say that dnbscene.com has come out of closed beta testing mode and is now "live" (though still in beta, so don't be surprised if the odd bug pops up).

For those who remember dnbscene.com, I assume I don't need to explain what the site's all about. For those who have never heard of it, here's the synopsis, taken from the site's front page:

dnbscene.com is dedicated to showcasing the very best music from the underground drum and bass scene.

If you make drum and bass music...
  • Upload your tracks and get high quality feedback.
  • Find out how good you are with our ratings system.
  • Get tons of awesome promotion in our weekly charts.
If you listen to drum and bass...
  • Discover top drum and bass artists before they get big.
  • Help artists get better by reviewing their tracks.
  • Meet other drum and bass fans in our busy forums.

It's all free, so please get on over there and give the site a runaround. If you find any bugs please post them, otherwise please just get involved, post up tracks if you make music, give some feedback if you don't, and chat some shit in the forums if you're deaf.

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