dnbscene.com 2nd anniversary party - it's gonna be big

danny marx

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May 18, 2002
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Yes yes, dnbscene is 2 years old in October, and boy have we got something special lined up.

Can't reveal all the details as of yet as we're just waiting for all our written confirmations to come through but here's the gist:

We have booked a venue in London's West End. It's a venue you will have heard of, with a capacity of about 650.

We have 2 big name DJs lined up. That's right, 2 big name DJs. Again, can't reveal who they are just yet until all the odds and ends are sown up but rest assured they're booked and ready to go. We also have three other excellent DJs to entertain you, and a couple of very talented MCs.

The night is on 3rd October from 10:30pm till 3:30am. If you think you can make it, register your interest by replying to this post. There will be advance tickets available at a discounted price so if you're interested, let us know sooner rather than later.

Expect full details beginning of next week.

It's gonna be big....


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Nov 29, 2001


Triple M and I will be in attendance too :D
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