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Feb 8, 2002
HELLO ME BEAUTIES, and may i say grrrrrrrrrreat work everyone, im really impressed with the turnout, we got 12 mad futuristic submissions!
the theme of the compo seems to have had an effect on peoples creativity, everyone really made an effort and went deep into the future, some really interesting ideas and clever sound design plus a shitload of weird futuristic noises. throwing everything except the sink really.
now remember, its not allowed to vote for yourself, im going to make the vote public so you can see clearly who voted for what. please listen through all the tunes, it sucks when the tune on the top has 5000 listens and the one on the bottom 3. and no funny business with creating fake accounts to vote for yourself, thats not cool.
this is the player which will play all the songs from beginning to end, if you want to click around in the playlist, which you probably do, just click the link

edit: there is one more tune to be added, cos i lost the file and will have it up tomorrow.


2nd: J which is TRAWLER with his hit single 'DEATH OUT OF STATE1'

L which is called logikz first try.

here is the key:

A - attire gateway
B - mashley timelapse
C - sweaty teddy vultures
D - Elzerk
E - jimbo 100 years
F - miszt bassface mk5
G - neddez transient
H - subclash laughter
I - sulihin spring thing
J - trawler fly deaeth out of state1
K - Wadefoker iceberg
L - logikz first try
M - reactor grits tune
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On first listen D G H K an L stuck out the most.
Don't think ill vote just yet untill I give them all a thorough listen again. This is a tough one though, as there are some overall decent tracks, but only a few that sound 'futuristic!? Really good idea for the comp! Wicked tracks that have been made here!
Feel sorry for the judges on this one!

Whoever made D pm me please some of those noises are borderline Phace! Mad props!
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Since this is all about the future, it's gonna be massively hard to vote. J has some weird shit going on tho. :D

I'm gonna come back to this after work. It could be L that's getting my vote, or any other that is thought outside the box and barely D'n'B.

And could you make your soundcloud account's first thing to see to be the "sets"? You can change it by clicking the small settings icon on the right line that has all the tabs next to the followers etc.

Good luck for all the contestants!

Edit: I have listened these millions of times but finally I'm casting my vote for "L".
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J is futuristic as fuck. in a nine inch nails kind of way. the one that is only hihats and clicks and pops is inspired shit, that would be G. K is immense, real quality tune. E is back to the future rave in rocket boots. heavy. i think alls in all i dig on G the most right now, but im going to have to listen a bit more.

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oh lord, D. D is brilliant. theyre all really good, its going to be damn near impossible to chose one.

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ok track M will be up in a minute. its a baddddd daddy release tune too.
Dam it.. For some reason i got it into my head that the comp closed at the end of this month!! Oh well... Will listen and vote now
oh man i cant wait to get home and hear these properly - still even on crappy headphones at work they sounds great.
BIG UPS to all producers who entered this !!!
big ups lads awesome tracks! guttered i missed the deadline

My votes probably gonna go with either D K or F but i'll sleep on it and listen again

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loving M as well
It was between B, D and G for me, so I asked the dog and she said B, she doesnt think shes a dog so I dont think she wanted letters associated with the word dog, so B it is.
Um. Maybe you might want to remove the option to download them? In case they are tagged with the artist's name..?
listened to a few snippets just now, and gotta say, competition is wicked. mad props to all the producers! will have a better listen once im at home. play them in the background while im playing xbox, to test which tune my subconcious favors most.

whats the theme of the competition? futuristic sounds? i dont even care. all tracks till now are massive.

listening now....

can't decide... some epic beats... im shocked

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are we voting which is the best? or which is most futuristic??
well theres a couple that i think are amazing, cud be 2012 releasses doe..

one is def futuristic.. but no way the best tune...
yes it is a fine balance i agree. i think B and G are hugely futuristic. real visionaries. and then some of the others is serious swag. havent made my mind up yet, but i am enjoying listening.
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