DNBForum & Friends Competition ENTRIES!

Choose your favourite track!

  • Evasion & ob:verse

    Votes: 8 42.1%
  • Rounder & Option

    Votes: 8 42.1%
  • Tundra & Polymer

    Votes: 3 15.8%

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Apr 4, 2014

The DNBForum & Friends competition just finished yesterday, so now it's time to show off the entries.
Unfortunately we only have 3 submissions this time, so there's less to check out, but I think you'll agree with me that they're all good quality tracks which have their own merit to them.

Seeing as there's not a lot to judge, the winner will be revealed on the 9th March at 21:00 GMT.

The entrants are:

1) @EvezDroppin & @Snowyz

2) @Rounder RG & @scrTchs

3) @Dannyboy93 & @Polymer

Bonus track (not competing) - @Manu Forti & @SteveR94- Also known as the greatest thing since sliced bread :teeth: :teeth:

As always, public voting is open but it won't influence our decision on who the winner is. If people would be so kind to leave feedback for the teams, that'd be great!

Contestants, big ups to all of you for the work, I realise that this must have been out your comfort zones, and I hope you all learnt new things from this, and made new friends to work with, cause that's what this is about at the end of the day, getting together to make great music.
I've also been told that this competition sees @Dannyboy93's first ever fully finished track, so special shout out to you there.

Everyone, enjoy the talent!
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Big ups to Ron and Kaz for sorting out this comp, did alot of work sorting out the packs and organising, shame that there was only 3 entries but it is hard finishing a collab

Other 2 track entries are quality, had to go evasion and ob:verse though cause of the heavy as fuck bassline
Well done everyone, enjoyed listening through them all. Shame there wasn’t a few more entries but can appreciate how much time and effort goes into a collaboration.

Thanks again for putting the sample pack together, would certainly try and take part if you were to do another one.

Will take another listen on some better speakers and try to provide some decent feedback where I can.
Alright, here we go.

that bass! nice! Liked the use of the sample coming into the drop too, this is solid and i'd love a copy of it :D ahaha
Well done!

Damn, this is done well as well! great vibes here for sure, really like the chiming keys/violins etc as the atmospherics in the drop, piano riff adds nice touches too.

you guys have a good vibe going here too, good use of atmospheric elements
the drums aren't processed as well as in the other tracks, it also would have been cool to hear a bit more variation in your loops
all in all still a well put together submission!

House music eh? wasn't the biggest fan of how the intro progressed to be honest, but very much like how it dropped. great groove to it, i'm vibin'. Especially like the bass, nice and simple but it sits well and hiiiits!

Needs a bit more cowbell though :teeth:

Nicely done guys, and good on ya @Dannyboy93 for gettin' through your first track, wish my first finished one sounded this good :2thumbs:

My vote, though reallly close, also goes to track #1, that bass, gosh.
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Bonus track (not competing) - @Manu Forti & @SteveR94- Also known as the greatest thing since sliced bread :teeth: :teeth:

3 submission out of 8 teams after 2 months... wow, that is strong guysh ehh!!
though said the 2nd track is awesome -- love that bass! :p
Good work guys! Too bad there weren’t more submissions but I know how it goes trying to make time for everything.

I’ve only got to listen in the car but will give some feedback when I get a chance to listen in the studio.
Track 01

Great work on the drums, nice use of samples.
Bass sounds nice and meaty
I would have liked the ambient stringy sounds to be a bit more prominent
Overall a really good track well done

Track 02

Drums sound nice and bright and grab me right from the start and the change ups work really well
My favourite part is the arrangement the track keeps my attention the whole way through
Nice work lads

Track 03

I really like the drum sounds and effects on them
This track is my favourite sounding but i feel needs a bit of work on the arrangement and an extra section with some variation.
Again a good track well done.

My vote has landed on Track 02.

Good job to all the entrants....

Im curious as im fairly new to production and have never collaborated. How did you guys find working in pairs? Also if you dont mind discussing what roles did you take up in the production and how did you come to those decisions?

And i forgot to mention the organisers. Nice vibes on your track and thanks for putting the comp together
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thanks for the feedback guys! was quite fun working on this.. overall working in pairs was fine! shame there wasn;t more entries but was something a bit different than browsing my usual sample library. the bassline came from having to think outside the box a bit more... which is something I'll be bringing forward into other tracks :)
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