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Nov 29, 2001

DNBA said:
Speaking to D&BTV for the first time, the NZ wonder tells us the Tali story, from her Kiwi roots to her new Bristol family. She talks about MCing vs singing, working with the FC collective and her strong opinions on being a female MC in the dnb scene.

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Mar 18, 2003
A, A
i think she looks rather nice in that picture
maybe that means i am worryingly insane..
im sure there are probably many here to back this up, so i wouldnt tell anyone.. shhH!!

Reactor Grits

lick a shot
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Oct 17, 2002
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I guess when you walk up to Tali trying to fix a date with her, she just starts talking to you, more like rapping and singing, in one big flow of spoken and sang poetry. She won't let you say a word, when she's done she leaves, and you've got your date. That would be a wonderful way of picking up a female MC so beautiful. :shades:


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Jun 23, 2003
Sorry if Im on my own on this one, but I don't think that what Tali does is anything special - I reckon theres probably a zillion females (mcs or otherwise) out there who could do what she does..... and better.... I guess the V boys thought they were on a roll after they discovered Marky in the ghottos of Sao Paulo.... but Tali aint nothin special....... :sleep:

Nick S

Oct 15, 2002
Bournemouth, UK
I dont think Tali's nice at all... she seems well arrogant on that interview (I spoze she has a right to be), and seems to be coked off her tits
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