Dnb Vinyl Collection - 32 records for 35£ (g dub, taxman,...)

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    Apr 4, 2009
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    I've got for sale 32 dnb vinyls, good condition, 35£ for whole collection.

    dj fresh - the immortal/living daylights II[breakbeat kaos]
    splittin atoms - dope man/rim job[cia]
    crystal clear - vandalise/mr wolf[reformed]
    dirty harry - pimpin aint easy[radius]
    twisted individual - hand granade(clipz remix)/original[grid]
    vital elements - torture chamber/badman
    g dub - snowman/atlantic[propaganda]
    ez rollers/lemon d - ready to love(clipz remix)/get on down(die remix)[v]
    ego trippin&sly - rowdee/infrared[sdc]
    double zero/jaydan - turkish delight/shut ya down[propaganda]
    axiom - soulscavenger[renegade hardware]
    tantrum desire - bad bizness/flight 180[heavy weight]
    double zero/modified motion - pussy/deja vu[propaganda]
    double zero - rythem beater/immuculate conception[frontline]
    ebony dubsters - ra/ra(original sin remix)[ebony]
    g dub - les miserables ep[ganja]
    jaydan - partyline/g dub remix[blueprint]
    dj evol - wobbler/jump up[biological beats]
    majistrate&nicol - psycosis/upside down[bingo]
    digital/seba - lucky 7/everyman for himself[bassbin]
    taxman - crash/jungle juice[propaganda]
    zero g/optimist - justice/grizzle down[xs]
    drum addict - move/blud clott sound[radical beats]
    taxman - too bad/ electric blue[frontline]
    cabbie - this sound/new reality[alpha]
    aspect&grmlinz - upset[sound artillery]
    double zero - sleeze/flip da script[frontline]
    clipz - rubish/push it up[audio zoo]
    axiom - fallout/nighwatch[disturbed]
    white label - ?
    white label - ?

    All records can be collect from west london or I'll send by Post well packed, don't know yet how much it will cost, I think no more than 5£ but I'm not sure because package will be quite heavy.