DnB v Hardcore, is there really such a divide?

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I know this may well be quite an emotive subject, but, as a proper hardcore head, and hardcore MC in fact, i still listen to and also attend the odd DnB event, its my second love if you like, still hardcore at heart but with love for the drums as well, i used to live in Ely, one or 2 train stops away from the epic warning (still the best DnB rave ive ever been to) and im just wondering if that kind of goes both ways genre wise or not, as i know a few proper hardcore heads like me who also like, or if not will at least entertain drum and bass, whereas some wont even go near it, on the flip side, i have been in a convo's before and happened to mention hardcore and getting feedback on it, for example, "nah that's fucking whack man, cheesy" but on balance ive also had proper dnb heads say that they dont mind a bit of hardcore, a bit of musical diversity can only be a good thing i would say.

HTID in the Sun, used to always be held in Lloret de Mar the week before Inno, this year HTID moved it to Magaluf, and we had none other than Harry Shotta as the special guest MC, who would think that a lyrical badboy in the DnB scene would even consider working with hardcore? But he did, and i for one believe that any divide that apparently used to (or still may) exist is starting to crumble away, Shotta on hardcore? Breaking down barriers!

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Breaking down barriers!
there are definitely some producers and deejays who already crushed the barriers between uk breakbeat, jungle, dnb and hardcore techno, whilst getting high appreciations from audiences with different musical backgrounds. luke mcmillan is a good example for that...

oh well, he also can sound like this...

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