dnb tunes into dubstep/hip hop?

Gancher - "Leninizm"

The intro is a kind of housey sort of beat that you can mix easily in to dubstep. When the beat drops out it seamlessly moves itself in to a D n B beat so all you have to do is get the intro in and then you're away.

Good tune for starting a set with a few dubstep tunes and then in to Drum n Bass.

Be careful though, this tune is not for the faint hearted - Techno DnB that is so quick it's brutal.

Amazing tune though.

Check out him and his brother (Ruin) - Two Russian lads, only 16 yrs old. C***s!!!!
Big tune, but it's not dubstep. It's just a halftime breakdown.

Love LAOS though, they kill it every time.

The only thing I can think of is Quarks that has a distinct D&B beat with a true dubstep breakdown.
Call it what you want, the first time I heard that I was blazed as tits and it caught me by surprise. pretty sick breakdown imo