DNB Tunes for critique


Bassline Muncher
Dec 3, 2008
Singapore, Yishun.
Hello to the DNB heads at DNBForum. I'm one of the many DNB heads from around the world, only from the tiny island of Singapore--where we don't get much DNB coverage or events.

That hasn't stopped me from trying to produce tunes though. Please take a moment to listen to my tunes @ www.myspace.com/jacklepop. I understand it's not the best way to host tunes, but it'll suffice, for now. :)

I hope to someday head overseas for a big DNB gig. Cheers!


@psmith: Thank you very much! I didn't expect this thread to be replied to, but will most definitely keep going at it!

@Protoplasym: Thank you for reminding me to feedback. :D

@Lucidproduction:Thank you. I'll squeeze whatever time i can get into production and work on the beats.

@msmith222: Sure am! Will most definitely keep at it.

Once again, i appreciate all your replies. Gotta have to work on production lots more.

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Jun 19, 2007
Yo Jacklepop... Had a listen there and I think your tunes are good mate!
I certainly like the rolling funky element to them... They would surely go down well at your future rave :D
You say you're 'cut-off' from the scene down in Singapore... But you've managed to capture something!
Keep it going mate :)
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