Radio DNB Showcase Tonight!!!!


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Easy peeps.....

If your not going out tonight to skank your lil junglist hearts out on the dancefloor & your by your computer, make sure you tune into WWW.RAVEDANCE.NET at midnight for Double & Wobalz DNBShowcase.

We gona be dropping all different styles of dnb live over the net for 2hours and also busting up some dubstep for the massive n crew.

We got newies, oldies promos & specials so make sure you tune in 12am - 2am for some big flavours on your saturday night!!!!!!

Bless Up :2thumbs:


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ye ye forum cru u heard him right me n wobalz gna b mashin up all ur rave faves promos and requests... BROKOUT!!! http:// free 2 listen free 2 chat... free music whatmore do u fekkin want!!!! peace