Label Dnb Shirts by Ammunition!


Nearly a year in the making, the highly anticipated 2nd Ammunition shirt is now in stock and available for purchase, with FREE shipping worldwide!

With the massive support that our first shirts received from artists suchas Gridlok, AK1200, Neonlight, and Axiom to name only a few, the new shirts are sure to fly off the shelves! And quantities are limited, so if you're thinking about purchasing one, best to grab one sooner than later!

Ordering Process:

1.) Go to

2.) Locate the drop down menu for shirt sizes on the front page, just under the shirt picture.

3.) Select your size with the drop down menu and click 'add to cart'

4.) If you would like to order more than 1, click "continue shopping", select the next size, and click 'add to cart' once again.

5.) Checkout safely and securely with a credit card, debit card, or paypal account!

We have our checkout process setup to keep your financial information safe and secure. The whole process is very smooth and quick.

If you all would like to checkout those rockin our first Ammunition Shirts, checkout our Photo Album at myspace by clicking the following link! As previously stated, support from the likes of Gridlok, AK1200, Neonlight, Axiom, BrainfuzZ, Circle K, little kids, Drop Shop, and tons more!

Click HERE To View our Photo Album!

As always, big thanks to everyone for the continued support!