dnb records for sale


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hi everyone just signed up to tell you all i have a small list of dnb tunes for sale.

reason for sale is i started as a garage dj but when the garage scene started to go down hill with all the grimy stuff coming onto the shelf i started to turn to dnb but only lasted for a few weeks hence the small collection.

all records are in good condition with no scratches

records can only be picked up from SE london
and will only be selling them as whole

highest offer will get them(if they do get any interest)

.pendulum - another planet / voyager
.dillinja - live or die / south manz
.rawhill crew(andy c v fresh mix)
.dilinja - wolf
.shy fx - chopper
.a team v distorted minds
.twisted individual - bandwagon blues / does exactly what it says on the tin or your money back
.ram trilogy - screamer / skittles / the map / evolution
.concord dawn - tonite / appollo 13
.???? - may
.dj fresh - submarines
.dj fresh - dalicks / temple of doom
.dj fresh - floodlight / tomb raider
.formation 100 - distorted minds / generation dub

you can also contact me at djdarer@hotmail.co.uk