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    May 23, 2012
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    Hi Everyone!

    We would like to invite you guys to check out our new D&B radio project. (http://www.dnb-radio.com/)

    Hypaculture radio aims to feature DNB artists to an international audience by means of showcasing their mixes and vids.

    We've been responsible to some of the DNB artists known today: The Upbeats, Mc Tali, Pendulum, Dub Alley, Shockone, Agent Alvin, Concord Dawn, Greg Packer & MC Assassin, State of Mind, Shapeshifters and Trei.

    We do focus on DNB but we are also to showcase other genres. :mr_cool:

    Oh and by the way, check out this vid to know what we're talking about! :finger2:

    Thanks guys!