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dont atm and kmag put you in their mags if you pay? that would be quality marketing imo. dunno what it costs tho.
I'm afraid you can't actually buy coverage in Knowledge, we are very approachable though, and you can easily do it yourself.

We work with many labels and events who do their own PR. Apart from the cost implications, one of the main benefits is that you get to build relationships yourself that you can tap into. If you don't have time to do it then a PR representative is a good idea.

Here are a few PR contacts, if you check their sites you'll get an idea of who they represent.

jeryl@infectiouspr.com (http://infectiouspr.blogspot.com/)
simon@rocketsciencemedia.com (http://rocketsciencemedia.wordpress.com/)

Here are some ideas to bear in mind if you want to do your own press.

+ For us, email is preferable to phone calls. If you phone you'll be asked to put it in writing anyway so we can relay information more accurately, and an email can be passed onto various staff.

+ We and most good news outlets re-write everything, so you don't have to be a great writer, we just want the facts from you.

+ Don't get bogged down writing about your history, the important stuff is your forthcoming news, the stuff that is about to happen.

+ Attach low res images (2 or 3), check the size of images used on the site, then you won't have to send massive ones through.

+ Attach links to tracks you are promoting (Soundcloud/Fatdrop etc)

+ Magazines etc love exclusives, it helps us distinguish ourselves from other sources. If we get the information first we are more likely to put it up than if you have already posted it on lots of sites. Offering to combine the news feature with a free track giveaway or mix can also work well, we all know how popular these are, and a good way to get readers attention.

+ Keep media sources up to date on a regular basis, you can build a relationship for when you really need the press ie when you have built up to having an album to release.

Here's a list of Knowledge contacts -

Editor - Colin Steven / colin@kmag.co.uk / 0207 183 0468
Knowledge podcast – George Mitton georgemitton@gmail.com & Sam Clewlow 

Ragga Jungle - Mike Ragga Scum Thomas / raggascum@kmag.co.uk

Hip Hop - Mark / keyserscouser@gmail.com
Drum n Bass & Dubstep - Colin Steven / colin@kmag.co.uk

Breaks - Ben / editor@thisisbreaks.com
Dancefloor - Colin Steven / colin@kmag.co.uk
Fashion - Roly Henry / afroly@gmail.com

Art - Roly Henry / afroly@gmail.com
Old Skool - Dan Beale / oldskoolreview@hotmail.co.uk
Music Technology - John Murray Hill / john@kmag.co.uk
Canadian drum & bass - Tyler Metford / dcs905design@gmail.com

Hope this helps.