DnB on pirate radio today! (real FM - listen online if you're not in Oakland, CA


Sep 23, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Posting here cause this is where I post, sorry! No one checks the events anyway...:(

That's right, pirate radio lives! Berkeley Liberation Radio has been operating 104.1 for many years now with the support of the City Council and the Federal Communications Commission is none the wiser. We're trying to start up a bit of a fan base out here in the Bay Area but really could use the support of a wider audience. In the future we'll have out local artists like Kiro, Bachelors of Science, Tigerpaw, and Gridlok but we're just getting started right now.

Get your spliffs ready and listen online: http://berkeleyliberationradio.net/
Direct link to the Berkeley Liberation Radio stream: http://radio.indybay.org:8000/blr.mp3.m3u

The host, Evergreen will play his favorite new neurofunk from 2:00-3:00 PST (so starting Friday 10:00 PM in London, 5:00-6:00 EST in the US)

Then we'll talk, I'll play some excerpts of my old tracks and new tracks, and finally a mix I recorded last week that features "my style" of mashing up old funky liquid with newer funky neuro from 3:00-4:00 PST (11:00PM-12:00 in London). Yeah, wasn't gonna mess with lugging the 1200s down to the makeshift studio.

Hope you enjoy our show.

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