Drum & Bass DnB on Launchpad, first decent hm DnB


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First DnB experiment that finnaly starts to sound like something.

Started making a drumrack in Live ,9. Prosseced all samples on own mixer tracks, eq,distortions,reverbs, changed ADSR in samplers to layer the samples. Made multiple drumpatterns.

Then started in massive bassmaking, also alot eq, distortions, reverb etc. Played all melodies live on the drumpads, FX on the mixerchannel. Played and programmed basslines then looped.

Played a bit with my launchpad, cutted 3mins out of it as wav. So theres not really an intro or outro, plz feedback, like to know what people think.

I dont like the first melody of the first 32bars, do like the bass after the drop en also like the second. Then transition to the 3rdbasslines, no real scenario changes.

I may be new, but Id aprreciate the feedbacks. I learn more from hearing what my mistakes are than I blindely follow a thut.

Feedback me please, learning everyday.



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