Drumstep [DnB] niKulo - Rise of the Nood (Free DL btw^^) finally done Oo

DNB Forum guys :D

After a long time, finally a track which i would call a "classic" cheesy niKulo track with a brutal DnB ending :)
as always, i had trouble mixing all these sounds/clicks and basses together,
so if you have any feedback, please dont hurry to tell ^^

almost 7 mins, 3 drops, and im hope you enjoy each one ;D

its free DL btw ;)
thanks so much for your time!

yours nico aka niKulo


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Somehow I feel the intro doesn't quite fit the rest of the track or just stands out alot from the rest, I don't know if this was intentional but maybe you could introduce a kind of switch before the drop to signyfy the change of mood of the tune.
The part of the kickroll between 1:20 and 1:30 sounds a bit weak through my headphones, I am guessing you highpassed the kick which especially in the beginning of the kickroll takes away a lot of its impact, maybe sculpt some frequencies out of your atmospherics/bass/whatever in the buildup where your kick peaks. (guessing 80-120ish herz).

I think the drumstep part is quite nicely done with a lot of elements that work together, although I feel that it is a bit lacking in the high end frequency spectrum (lacking some "crisp", sorry I cant describe it better), maybe some harmonic exciter on a few elements can work there?

Personally not feeling the last part of the track, this could be personal preference though, I really appreciate the effort to keep it varied till the end though.