DnB newbie here! Requesting hints :)

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by redie, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    Just joined, wondering why I missed out on this place for so long.

    Anyways... I am in no way a seasoned listener of dnb or for that matter electronic music. I grew up with Nirvana and RHTP... so I hated dance and techno for most of my life, and kind of still do :)
    However, I have found bits and pieces from the world of electronic music that REALLY..hexed me!
    Long talk short, kk :) I listen to a wide varity of music, here are some examples;





    Yep, quite a mixture :)
    And finally comes the point of this topic. I really love monkeydrummer and would catagorize it as jungle - correct?
    I would really love some advice on similar tracks/artists as I have never really stompled upon anything like this since I heard this track the first time.

    Help out a newbie ;)!!
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    Welcome :)

    Well, i'd categorise that Monkey drummer tune as neuro jungle. If that's even a sub genre lol.
    But yeah, some kind of jungle :D

    Personally, i'd check out stuff from the 36 Hertz camp. Alot of their releases have had jungle influenced sounds in them.

    And then, if you wanted to try some Raiden, Limewax and Cooh for the more nasty side of it, not jungle, more harder and faster usually.

    But the best bet would be to check out some the old skool jungle.

    There's threads a plenty full of old skool jungle tape rips. Look out for Mikey Finn, Aphrodite, Hype, ect...
    They knew how to throw it down back then.

    Hope that helps :)