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    Sup y'all? I hope that you're enjoying your Thursday so far.

    Anywho - tonight kicks off the first of a new weekly netcast on Jungletrain.net, The ODJ Show :)

    Starting promptly-ish at 9pm each and every Thursday evening, I'll be playing some drums and basses for those of y'all who happen to be within ears' reach of the computermachine. This week I'm going to start out with some summery tunes, and likely move to some darker business towards the end.

    I'll have the webcam on, and will be in the chat, so utilize the following links to your heart's content:

    * 64k mp3: http://jungletrain.net/64kbps.m3u
    * 24k mp3: http://jungletrain.net/24kbps.m3u

    * webcam: http://dirtboxradio.com/webcam/

    * chat: http://jungletrain.net/index.php?page=2

    I'll be recording, and if I'm happy with the set, I'll post it up on the Dirtbox site for download.

    Tune in, and don't be shy - hop in the chat and say hello :)



    On Friday, August 26th, the Dirtbox Kru is taking over the front room for Cubik @ Nation (DC). If you're in the area, make sure you swing thru. We're pulling out ALL the stops for this event, and you'll surely be entertained. Hit me up if you'd like to be placed on the reduced list for that night.



    We'll have T-Shirts for Dirtbox available soon, with two phat designs - one by yours truly (with some writing assistance by the one Ricky Ricardo), and the second by the amazing graphic hand of Avik (aka DJ Seven) of Harbinger-Industries(dot com). Please stay tuned to the website for more info... and if you need something designed, hit up Avik!



    That should be all for now. Tune in tonight, every Thursday, every Sunday, and come out to Nation on the 26th.