[DNB MIX] ► LoHi Stereo - NVR005: Moods EP Promo Mix [Free Download]


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► LoHi Stereo - NVR005: Moods EP DnB Promo Mix:
- (A) Cornered - (B) Macca - Love is Tender (LoHi Stereo Remix) - (C) State of Life:

[FREE DOWNLOAD] The NVR005: Moods EP Promo Mix is 57 minutes long and includes 2 of 3 tracks from the Moods EP, additional LoHi Stereo Remixes and Dubs as well as tracks from the likes of: Drs Feat. Enei, Commix, SpectraSoul, Macca, Amphix, Three20, D Bridge, Kyshido, Alix Perez, Lenzman, S.P.Y, Brookes Brothers & more. Track listing is below:

► LoHi Stereo - NVR005: Moods EP DnB Promo Mix
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● NVR005: LoHi Stereo - Moods EP Track Listing: ●

► LoHi Stereo - Cornered
► Macca - Love Is Tender (LoHi Stereo Remix)
► LoHi Stereo - State Of Life

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[Bandcamp] http://bit.ly/UZwFPV
[Beatport] http://btprt.dj/U5a5Jr
[iTunes] http://bit.ly/V3WrqO
[Juno] http://bit.ly/Ze0CEH
[TrackitDown] http://bit.ly/RfrsUD

NVR005: LoHi Stereo - Moods EP is OUT NOW and available to download from all good stores, including; Beatport, iTunes, TrackItDown, Juno, Amazon, Bandcamp & more.

For NVR005 Nu Venture Records present another debut EP, in the form of LoHi Stereo’s Moods EP. Following on from Salaryman - Your Own Story EP, NVR continue in a similar direction, with their second release of this style. Covering an assortment of styles and techniques; from the down tempo, soulful and expansive sounds of ‘State of Life’ to the serious heavyweight ‘Cornered‘, which unlocks that deep and sinister dance floor potential individuals crave.

The EP also includes a distinctively upbeat Drum & Bass Remix of the established masterpiece, ‘Macca - Love Is Tender‘, that figured as Nu Venture’s all conquering opening release.

► Tracklisting: LoHi Stereo - NVR005: Moods EP / Xmas DnB Mix:

[00:00] Freeloader - Sombre (LoHi Stereo Remix)
[01:28] SpectraSoul - No Doubt
[03:16] Amphix & Zerbaman - Blurred Vision [Nu Venture Records] > http://bit.ly/WOqRzR
[04:43] D Bridge - Since We've Been Apart
[07:36] Kyshido - Fly to Shady
[10:51] Alix Perez - Forsaken
[12:18] Alix Perez, Rockwell, SpectraSoul & Anthony Moriah - Montpellier
[14:07] LoHi Stereo - State Of Life [OUT NOW on Nu Venture Records] > http://bit.ly/UQRBdX
[16:16] Pennygiles - What Would You Do
[18:27] SpectraSoul - The Gift
[20:15] Mist:I:Cal - Mistical Dub
[23:52] Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (Lenzman DnB Bootleg)
[25:49] LoHi Stereo - Cornered [OUT NOW on Nu Venture Records] > http://bit.ly/TYWq3X
[27:49] Spy - Sleepy Hollow
[31:14] Drs Feat. Enei - Count to Ten
[33:23] Rene LaVice - Absolute Monster
[34:50] Commix - Be True
[37:43] Brookes Brothers - Beautiful
[40:35] Three20 - I Cant Stand It [Nu Venture Records] > http://bit.ly/V3bVZJ
[43:47] Netsky - The Lotus Symphony
[45:35] Macca - Love Is Tender (Hosta Remix)[Nu Venture Records] > http://bit.ly/W3ApB3
[47:45] LoHi Stereo - Fears of People [Nu Venture Records Dub]
[50:36] Commix - How You Gonna Feel
[54:12] LoHi Stereo - SafeHouse [Dub]

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