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    May 20, 2011
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    I recently launched http://dnbmachine.com

    I started dnb machine to track the great tracks I hear in clubs and podcasts, which I often forget by the time they are actually released. I put this all online with audio (youtube or soundcloud) so others can listen to the sounds I love. I also feature some tracks from unsigned artists and some of my favourite tracks from back in the day.

    I have a few ideas for the future:

    - Tell me when they track is released - 'watch list' with email notification
    - Dub pressure - It annoys me that some of my favourite tracks from last year were never released e.g. Amaning - O.S.T, Lomax - Short list. If the site gained popularity I would like to come up with a way to put pressure on artists / labels to release these great tracks.
    - My dnb machine - add your own tracks / artists

    It's all very early and I am really just starting to get a feel for the direction I want to take the website. Let me know what you think and hit me up with your ideas and thoughts.