DnB forum user name to match your producing name?


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May 30, 2008
I remember ages ago I wanted a name change but I seem to remember you couldn't do it for some reason... is there a way to do it now? surely it can't do much harm if we want to change our usernames to our producer names right?
Please no offence to any forum mods who do a great job running my favourite site ;)
Yeah I'd like to be able to change mine to Kronix to match my artist name too. But I guess we're not allowed because everyone would change their names so often that none of us would know who anybody is?!?!
Its quite shit that you cant change ya name, or have a GIF as a avatar, tho, there is a moderator on here who changes his name loads and has a GIF as an Avatar....:confused:

But hey, why do you want to change your name? i tihnk its lovely. Matches your eyes... you are gorjuss x
be proud of your username! stand up for yourself!


you can change your producer name to your dnbforum name. problem solved.
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