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Feb 8, 2002
AUDIO http://soundcloud.com/dnbforum-production-comp/sets/dnbforum-production-competition

A: richie stix' 'zombie pasty eaters'

Nice bit of drumwork on this track. Wicked juxtaposed intro
and the sweeping stings gave it a kind of creepy element, at the same time.
I will admit I wasn't a massive fan of the drop, but I could see it would work well in a club.
Mixdown was pretty sweet and the atmosphere worked.
Some more variation on the riff and stucture would have given the track a bit more life to it.
Still a great effort nonetheless.


Intro sounds are kool maybe a tad repetative
Drops in pretty dutty! Quite liking some of the reece work

Definately needs more going on after a while, change ups etc, its a bit
Monotonus atm

Sounds are pretty well used thoughout though

Good work


this is richie stix' zombie jumpup entry
with something very close to a one note bassline and a onestep beat.
its pretty hot, in its own grimey way. the beat is kind of rickety. snare could do with a little more punch i feel.
musically it offers little in way of surprises which i think is customary for this style.
nice intro with the strings, going into an unrelated drop. the mixdown
is ok, the kick comes through well with the bass but it sounds a
little muddy to me.

C: vibes 'thoughts'

Quite a simple little roller this one!
I like the pads used for the atmospherics, had a very haunting element to it.
Percussion was good, but I felt that you could have EQ'd the elements a little more as they sounded a bit weak.
I wasn't a fan on the processing of one of the hits either. Other than that, the sub-bass was great.
Had a nice bit of warmth to it!


Really liking the intro sounds, got a really smotth vibe going on
Think the drums could possibly be a bit snappier though

Drop could do with a bit more of a change imo, was too similar to the build up
I do like the tune though, its very kool and rolls along nicely.

Definately needs some more work on edits and switch, but all round good effort!


a deliciously minimal entry with well balanced everything.
its so careful its got nearly nothing happening. a really nice conga track though.
excellent pads through out. i think some creative freedom would have made this tune
excel. like a lead and bass warps or so, minimal is a way of thinking, its not so much
how many elements you have going off at the same time. the mixdown is great.
smacky drums but the sub could be a little more noticable. im not a fan
of the two chord strategy, id have like to have heard a third one in there.
it sounds like a pro tune but the main themes have been muted,
like the reeces and arps and vocals and so.

E: luciduks 'frankie 4 fingers'

A nice short intro kicked things off the track well. I really like the vibe on this one. It's got a kinda "phace" sound to it.
Great use of the vocal samples. Added an eerie element to it. The bass was wicked too. I wasn't too fond of the bleeps that came in at 2.11. I thought
they spoilt the gritty atmosphere and sounded quite out of place. The riff could have used a bit more variation,
but other than that, a great entry for the comp.




luciduks winning entry. seems like a lot of you people wrote the tune in a day
and spent the rest of the time making the drums punchy. the drums kick like a mule on this one
and the bass warps are so very credible. great tune, but tell me was the techy style
a conscious move to get votes? very popular sound, this. i wasnt surprised to see
this get the most votes, i was more surprised at how some other tunes didnt get any at all.
and even more at how well you pulled off this style.
the 2nd parts added warp could be better is about all ive got to say, like more creative,
but all is forgiven when the beat drops and the bass rock.
some really nifty edits and
come to think of it, its quite minimal in its own right.
id be very interested in what the motivation and so was for this one.

very pro. great bleep.

K: Flukeys 'unnamed dnb masterpiece'

Some really good ideas in this one. The drop is pretty nasty (in a good way)
although, I felt the mixdown seemed a bit hectic and the transition from intro
to drop could have been vastly improved upon. It seemed to kinda just come out of nowhere.
The drumstep section was good but could have been executed a tad better.


Loving intro sounds on this, Also feeling the drums

Drop is kool on this, mixdown lets it own though really
Sounds over compressed or limited, the high end is a bit much too once its dropped

Liking the way the bass moves though and really into the way the sounds have been used

More to my personal taste this one, sounds used really well


this song compresses heavily on the drop, it sounds like there is a compressor kicking
in and it loses momentum drastically. cant say i like the one note bassline,
it sounds unfinished, like a test bassline. it couldve done with more creativity,
but the intro and downtempo bit has a really nice conga. i prefer the downtempo bit to the rest.
i find the mixdown ineffective cos of the compressor.

O: T-Leafs 'Waterfall'

Some good bass work on this entry.
Also your use of delays and reverb was pretty tight.
I was not keen on the second drop you did though. It felt really out of place with what was a minimal-ish tune.
I reckon you should have kept the same vibe you had on the earlier part of the track.
The snare could have had a bit more punch to it too!


Intro sounds are wicked, really liking the glitches etc
Dropped in rather sudden....
Liking the fx and atmos around the tune though, some really nice vibes in this.
The little stabs are really REALLY nice, give it great substance

Not ovcerlly keen on the more raspy section, qoudl have liked to hear it carry on as was.

This has to be my firm favourite just simply from the first section, i think it maybe could
have been utilised better, but it was the piece that grabbed me the most! well done

For me the winner would be Track O


the other minimal song in the compo, and its pretty brilliant. i didnt like the 2nd part
because of the added string melody. the other melodies are nice and the drum sound is really
sexy. analog. lovely bleeps and detached fx. very inspired, like it was laid in one session.
dark but subtly so, like good darkstep, not simply aggro and overstated which its all about these days.
im very old you see. the mixdown is nice and clear

1. E
2. C
3. O
4. A
5. K
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T Leaf

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Apr 9, 2009
BIG UPS LUCID! hats off mate, and cheers to everyone else involved! :)

also thanks for the feedback on mine :D


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Oct 25, 2009
wowza!!! im well happy :) i just wanted to do something different from my entry in the last comp, which was a liquid roller, so i thought this time id come with something a little punchier/steppy!! your totally right i spent more time on the kick and snare than the rest of the tune haha (is it that easy to tell? :p) but i got so hacked off with it i just entered it

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by the way, i wanna give a big thanks to logikz for organizing this, and a big shout to the judges as well which is smarty and zeal i think...

thanks guys, roll on the next comp :p
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