DnB for sale from around year 2000-2003

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    now nearly 300 tunes up for sale on discogs. If you do not have a discogs account you can drop me a PM for items you want and we can make arrangements.

    I can even send a list of tunes I am selling in excel and pdf format so again drop me a PM if interested.
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    Can't you just post the list on here?
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    I run out of characters but I can probably do it in two parts

    - - - Updated - - -

    Catalog# Artist Title Label
    ACC 003 Tango & Ratty Cold Rock Stuff / Sleazebag Access
    ADVRSK1 Various Sektor One Advance//d Recordings
    ADVRSQ Total Science Squash Remixes Advance//d Recordings
    ARX014R Fifth Element Instinct: The Remixes Pt. 2 Architecture
    AC 022 Calyx Acid Blues / Trap Door Audio Couture
    AC 020 Known Unknown The Known:Unknown Sessions @ Moving Shadow Audio Couture
    B2B 12076 JB & Benny Blanco Flight 411 / Demon Eyes Back 2 Basics
    B2B 12065 JB Classic Remixes Vol.1 Back 2 Basics
    BA 002 Various Up In Flames EP Bad Attitude Recordings
    BRSS 066 Tango & Ratty Train Track 2002 / Tonic Basement Records
    BCRUK 003 Rawhill Cru / Bad Company Mo' Fire / Nitrous (Remixes) BC Recordings
    VALVEX3A, VALVEX2A D-Type Soundcheck / We Built This House Beatz, Beatz
    BETA 010 John B U.K.* Future Reference Remixed Version 0.1 Beta Recordings
    BSE003 Rawthang Featuring Kari Rueslatten* / ICBM Epilogue VIP / The Pursuit Black Sun Empire
    BSE002 Black Sun Empire vs Concord Dawn / Rawthang Featuring Kari Rueslåtten The Sun / Epilogue Black Sun Empire
    BLD001 Mampi Swift Power / Roxy Blade
    BOMB 005 Special K & D'Cruze Highjack / Skurf Bomb
    BBK 002 Adam F / Fresh The Original Junglesound EP Breakbeat Kaos
    CIALPS2 Total Science Tuned-In (LP Sampler) C.I.A.
    C.I.A. 99004 Q-Project* Champion Sound (Remixes) C.I.A.
    C.I.A.99005 Wots My Code / Total Science Dubplate (Total Science Remix) / Breakfast Club C.I.A.
    CIA 011 Digital Sounds Of Freedom / 3 Point C.I.A.
    CIALTD 004 Total Science / Q Project Nosher (Baron VIP) / Safety Clause (Tango & Ratty Remix) C.I.A.
    CIA 006 Total Science Make Me Feel E.P C.I.A.
    CNV8608-1 Hatiras Spaced Invader (Rmxs) Canvas
    Cartel001 DJ Craze & Juju Soulshine Cartel Recordings
    CHRG0016 Mampi Swift Rebirth / Nerve Charge
    CR-13 Dillinja Chronic 13 Chronic
    CHR 021 Cujo (2) Biters / Soul History Chronic
    CHR019 Capone Chronic 19 Chronic
    COLAB 001 Heist Company 7 / Salsa Jive Co-Lab Recordings
    Suicide004 Klute Stay With Me / We R The Ones VIP Commercial Suicide
    CRIT 008 IllSkillz* Forgive Myself Critical Recordings
    CUBIKSAMP001 Peshay Featuring Co-Ordinate You Got Me Burning / Fuzion Cubik Music Productions
    CYBA 003 Cyba Space Featuring Shanie Life Cyba
    DALICK 7 Peter Parker Hit Me / Conflict Da Lick
    DALICK 9 Peter Parker Hit Me / Are You Ready Da Lick
    DECEPT002 Manifest Dub War Pt.1 / Inside My Soul Deception Recordings
    DC 001 Basic Unit Classroom / I Can't Stop Deepest Cut
    DCOM003 Kryptic Minds / Leon Switch Vortex / Fallen Angel Defcom Records
    DNB1 J Majik Vs. Hatiras Spaced Invader Defected, Infrared
    DFUNKD009 Carlito / John B Soulful Behaviour Part 3 Defunked
    DIR 002 FX Power / Shockwave Direct Recordings
    DA009 Drunken Masters, The* & Hypersonix Hypnotised / I Feel Dope Ammo Records
    DALP001 Various Uprising LP Dope Ammo Records
    DDRAG-020, DDRAG020 Various Gridlocked EP Dope Dragon, Dope Dragon
    DREAD40 Twisted Anger Featuring Danny C Take It / The Latin Thing Dread Recordings
    DREAD37 Dark Soldier Falling Dread Recordings
    DREAD035 Ray Keith Jah Dread EP Dread Recordings
    DSCI4. EP001 Various Mutationz I-IV DSCI4
    DSCI4LP 002 S SKC / Trace* Spy Technologies DSCI4
    DSCI4007, DSCI4. 007 Chris Su* Undying DSCI4, DSCI4
    DSR002 Distorted Minds Lookin For Us? / Let It Roll D-Style Recordings
    DSR003 Distorted Minds Fight Club / Lookin For Us VIP D-Style Recordings
    EAST 39 A-Sides Crazy VIP / Dreaming Eastside Records
    EAST 42 A-Sides Membrane / Rocksteady Remixes Eastside Records
    EAST 52 Break Sticky Situation / Juice It Eastside Records
    EAST 55 Break The Breakout EP Eastside Records
    EAST 50 Various Eastside Jamz Vol. 2 Eastside Records
    EBR 024 Shy FX & T Power Don't Wanna Know Ebony Recordings
    EBR 020 Shy FX Bambaata 2012 Episode 1 Ebony Recordings
    EBR 015 Shy FX Bambaata Ebony Recordings
    EBR 021 UK Apachi & Shy FX Nuttah VIP Ebony Recordings
    EBR 023 Shy FX Shake Your Body / Shake It Ebony Recordings
    EMCEE 013 Skitz Make Noise (Remixes) Emcee Recordings
    emcee 012 Clipz Banshee / Return To The Temple Emcee Recordings
    EMC011 Clipz Showtime EP Emcee Recordings
    EMF2052 Silver (2) Sound Control / Light Mind Emotif Recordings
    FA001 Alex Reece + Utah Jazz Pulp Fiction 2000 Fallen Angels 21
    FX 409 Shy FX & T Power Feelin' U FFRR
    8573 87257-1 Dillinja Cybotron FFRR
    CYBX1 Cybotron* I Wanna Know / Nasty Ways FFRR, Valve Recordings
    CITY008 Twisted Individual Bangkok Formation City Series
    ORAN 001 DJ SS Orange Formation Colours Series
    COUN007 Necessary Ruffness France Formation Countries Series
    MONTHS001 Zen January Formation Months Series
    MONTHS002 Twisted Individual February Formation Months Series
    MONTHS004 Twisted Individual April Formation Months Series
    MONTHS012 Generation Dub December Formation Months Series
    FORM12100 PT3 Twisted Individual / Zen Formation 100 Part 3 Formation Records
    FORM12098 DJ SS Like A Bird Formation Records
    FORM12104 Twisted Individual Tooled Up! - The Remixes Formation Records
    FORM12085 DJ SS : Sound Of The Future Sneak Preview EP Formation Records
    FORM12102 Twisted Individual Bandwagon Blues / Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin Or Your Money Back Formation Records
    FORM12096 Influx Datum Back For More / Alright Formation Records
    FORM12097 Twisted Individual Tooled Up LP Sampler Formation Records
    FORM12101 Influx UK / Influx Datum Take My / Back For More (High Contrast Remix) Formation Records
    FORM12099 DJ SS The S-Files Part 1 (RMX Files) Formation Records, Formation Records
    FREAK002 Dylan Dark Planet / Chicago Sound Freak Recordings
    FREAK 001 DKay & Rawfull / Concord Dawn Be There 4 U / Bad Bones Freak Recordings
    FCY048 Roni Size Feel The Heat Full Cycle Records
    FCY044 Roni Size Sound Advice Full Cycle Records
    FCY033 Roni Size Snapshot 3 Full Cycle Records
    FCY 058 Krust And Die* Present I Kamanchi* Hold It Down / Movin Fast Full Cycle Records
    FCY 049 I Kamanchi* Back To Da Boogie / Disaster Must Fall Full Cycle Records
    FCY 054 Roni Size Touching Down Remixes Part 1 Full Cycle Records
    FCY 041 Krust Kloakin' King / Don't Front Full Cycle Records
    FCYLP02 Various Through The Eyes Full Cycle Records
    FCY 052 I Kamanchi* Never Can Tell / Soul Beat Calling Full Cycle Records
    CHANEL9612 Tango And Ratty* Steel Fingers / Snake Style Function
    CHANEL9614 Various Quad 2 EP Function
    CHANEL9606 Spirit / Digital Raygun / Ras '78 Function
    fuze 13 Dylan & Facs* Blowpipe / Pantsnake Fuze Recordings
    G2008 By Design / Gridlok Dilemma (Origin, Trust & Alder Remix) / Stinkfist G2 (2)
    GAIN 010 Gridlok & Origin (5) / Kontraband Wombat / Sin Gain
    GAIN 009 Ben Sage / ArQer & Realtime All About You / Battery Gain
    RPG004 DJ Hazard Ready 4 This EP Ganja Records
    RPG001 DJ Hype Original Foundation EP Ganja Records
    GTR 12031 Pacific Pick One / Play It Kool Global Thang
    GTR 12001 DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Global Thang - Volume 1 Global Thang
    GL 006 Skool Of Hard Knocks Everybody Grand Larceny
    GL 006 Skool Of Hard Knocks Everybody Grand Larceny
    HL64 Capone Tudor Rose (Shimon Remix) / Fusion Hardleaders
    HQR003 Influx Datum Dayz Of Glory / Meant Love Headquarters (UK)
    HB 003 Badmarsh & Shri Signs (Calibre Mixes) Highly Blessed Recordings
    JOEPAYNE1 Joe Payne Watch Your Back Hoodwinked Productions
    NHS44 High Contrast Global Love Hospital Records
    nhs37 High Contrast Make It Tonight / Mermaid Scar Hospital Records
    NHS26 London Elektricity Round The Corner (Origin Unknown Remixes) Hospital Records, Hospital Records
    INFRA 26 J Majik & Wickaman & Future Bound Pitbull / Mr. Hunger Infrared
    INFRA 016 J. Majik* / Futurebound + Recall* Infrastructure (Limited Edition Sampler) Infrared
    INFRA 021R J Majik & Wickaman / J Majik Featuring Kathy Brown Elephant / Share The Blame (Remix) Infrared
    INFRA 024R Infrared V's Gil Felix Capoeira (Remixes) Infrared
    INFRA LP 005 J Majik New Generation Part One Infrared
    INFRA LP 005/PT2 Various J Majik Presents New Generation Part Two Infrared
    INNA 006 Spirit / Digital Chinese Whispers / Knight Rider Inneractive Music
    INNA 004 Spirit 20/20 / Inside Out Inneractive Music
    ICOM 016 Sketch & DJ Code Reality Intercom Recordings
    ICOM 030 E-Z Rollers / 60 Minute Man & DJ Touch Lickable Beats Sampler Intercom Recordings
    ICOM 018 60 Minute Man Guest List E.P. Intercom Recordings
    INVD 010 DJ Damage Wardance / Knowledge Is Power Invader Recordings
    INVD25 Unknown Soldier Stargate / Moodshifts Invader Recordings
    INVD 026 Alpha Omega Feedback (Back 2 Basics Remix) / My Nation Invader Recordings
    JAK005 Special K & D'Cruze Beak / Dirty Chair JAK Audio
    JEDI007 Various Edit EP Jedi Records
    JED006 Illfingas Telling Me / In The Streets Jedi Records
    JOKER 52 Scarface (2) Only You / Flat Eric Joker Records
    90-95 CJ1 Various 90-95 Classic Jungle & Old Skool E.P. Vol. 1 Jungle Nation
    JAB 5 Wots My Code / Love Nation & Ad-Man* Dubplate / Jungle Jingle Just Another Bootleg
    KAOS 006 Distorted Minds T-10 / The Tenth Planet Kaos Recordings
    KAOS 001LP Adam F Drum And Bass Warfare Kaos Recordings
    PLATE 2120 Probe & Sylo* Vol. 20 L Plates
    PLATE 2111 Tango & Ratty Senseless / Inventa L Plates
    ADMM 32 Red One Believe In U / Dont Stop Liftin' Spirit Records
    ADMM 30 Makis G Rising From Ashes Mixes Liftin' Spirit Records
    LIQUID003 Pugwash Boomerang / The Edge Liquid (3)
    LIVE 007 TNT (2) Another Classic / Suspense Part 2 Live Recordings
    LGR001 LTJ Bukem Horizons / Rainfall Looking Good Records
    LPO009 Pendulum (3) Spiral / Ulterior Motive Low Profile

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    MAPA016R Ils No Soul Remixes Marine Parade
    MEDIA004 Tango Sent To Coventry (Total Science Remix) / Mainline VIP Media
    MEDIA008 Outlook In My Head / Alive Media
    MEDIA001 Tango Mainline / Sent To Coventry Media
    METH 046 Jonny L Synkronize / Phreak Metalheadz
    METH 039 Total Science Borderline 2000 / Jungle Jungle Metalheadz
    METH 038 Marcus Intalex & ST. Files* Universe / Lose Control Metalheadz
    METH 050 Rufige Kru / Total Science The Rufige Kru Remix EP Metalheadz
    MET 003 Alex Reece Fresh Jive / Basic Principles / I Need Your Love Metalheadz
    METH003LP, METH03LP Various MDZ.03 Metalheadz Presents No Smoke Without Fire Metalheadz, Metalheadz
    MNB016 Kenny Ken Everyman Remixes Mix & Blen'
    MNB 023 Capital J / Kryptic Minds Evil Streets / Metal Gear (Remix) Mix & Blen'
    MONITOR001 Filthy Dirty Rich Twisted Pressure / Angel Bass Monitor
    MONITOR004 Kryptic Minds Whiplash / Drawback Monitor
    MONITOR005 Kryptic Minds Peak Flow / Clear Head Monitor
    SHADOW 119R Flytronix 4th Encounta Moving Shadow
    SHADOW1007 Various 10.07 Moving Shadow
    SHADOW 130 E-Z Rollers Walk This Land (The Remixes) Moving Shadow
    SHADOW 131 Dom & Roland Parasite / Homicide Moving Shadow
    SHADOW 126 Higher Sense Limiter / All Night Moving Shadow
    MSXEP020 Hyper On Experience The Remix EP Moving Shadow
    SHADOW1010 Various 10.10 Moving Shadow
    MUFF001 Muffler Heaven / Sin Muffler
    NUT 018 Ed Rush - Nico* Technology No U-Turn
    BNG001 Brandy (2) Sitting On Top Of The World Not On Label
    MUSIC 001 Jase Music's So Wonderful 2002 Not On Label
    SSSH 001 Mobb Deep Shook Ones (D&B Remix) Not On Label
    BRANDY 001 Brandy (2) / Clipz What About Us (Clipz Remix) / Blast The One Not On Label (Brandy (2)), Not On Label (Clipz)
    HBV1 Buju Banton / Whitney Houston Champion / My Dub Is Your Dub (Remixes) Not On Label (Buju Banton), Not On Label (Whitney Houston)
    SILENT 001 Delerium Silence (J Majik Remix) Not On Label (Delerium)
    FATTP010 Fugees Rumble In The Jungle (Drum & Bass Remixes) Not On Label (Fugees)
    12 Real 01 J Lo* / Jah Real* I'm Real (D&B Mix) Not On Label (Jennifer Lopez)
    STEPTOE 001 Jill Scott Love Rains Down On Me (Drum & Bass Remixes) Not On Label (Jill Scott)
    JSH001 Jill Scott / Mechanizm J Spot / Heavy Breather Not On Label (Jill Scott), Not On Label (Mechanizm)
    WL001 Layo & Bushwacka! Love Story (Drum & Bass Remix) Not On Label (Layo & Bushwacka!)
    N212 001 Missy Elliott Sock It To Me Not On Label (Missy Elliott)
    UKUS001 Ms. Dynamite / Faith Hill Watch Over You (Drum & Bass Mix) / Swept Away (The Enemy Remix) Not On Label (Ms. Dynamite)
    NOTCH 001 Tango The Last Transmission / Understanding (Total Science Remix) Notch Records
    11K OHM Accela Ohmwreckers Part Two Ohm Resistance
    OUTB019 Dylan + Friction* Polluted Soul / Inner Sense Outbreak Records
    OUTB027 Monkey And Large* 241 / Destruction Outbreak Records
    OUTB023 Dylan Trapped In Beats Vol.4 Outbreak Records
    OUTB013EP Alpha Omega Countdown EP Outbreak Records
    OUTB017-EP Dylan Trapped In Beats Vol.2 Outbreak Records
    OUTBLTD012 Resonant Evil Bunker Buster / Doomsday Device Outbreak Records
    OUTB009EP Various Trapped In Beats EP Outbreak Records
    OUTBLTD008 Various Dancer / Radiation Outbreak Records
    PBLR025 Ray Keith Assault EP Penny Black
    PR002 Cause 4 Concern Cerberus / Hades Perspective
    PHUD 003 Digital & Spirit Phantom Audio Phantom Audio
    PPRO 7VS Special Forces Sidewinder / The End (Remix) Photek Productions
    PIH 005 Jonny L Dirt / Trouble Piranha Records
    PIH006 Jonny L Lets Roll Piranha Records
    PORTICA 004 Danny C 1,2,3 / Klonk Portica Recordings
    PORTICA 006 Danny C The Strength / Ductape Portica Recordings
    PORTICA007 Danny C Goodtimes / I Commence Portica Recordings
    PORTICA 001 Danny C Citrus / Mean Streets Portica Recordings
    PREDATOR 001 Kudos Not Quite Ready / Disco Shit Predator Recordings
    PURE 001 Debaser My Sound Rule / Get Red Press-Up Records
    PTR025 DJ Rap Hardstep / Come Forth (Danny C Remixes) Proper Talent
    RFORR001 TLC / Rayner No Scrubs (D&B Remix) / The Chair R For R
    RADR002 DJ Hazard Destiny / Structure Radius Recordings
    RADIUS03 DJ Hazard The Return Of Radius Radius Recordings
    RAID003 Dylan Security / Hostage Raid
    RAMM 42 Moving Fusion Star Sign / Party People RAM Records
    RAMM 33 Moving Fusion Atlantis (Bad Company Remix) / Survival RAM Records
    RAMM 44 Ram Trilogy Screamer E.P. RAM Records
    RAMM35 Moving Fusion Thunderball / Lazy Bones RAM Records
    RAMM 40 Ram Trilogy Chapter 5 RAM Records
    RAMM34, Ramm34 Shimon & Andy C* Body Rock Ram Records, Ram Records
    RM004 DJ Wildchild & Floyd Dyce Rock King / Redmaster Theme Redmaster Records
    REFORM 001 Various The New Crusaders EP Reformed Recordings
    REFORM 03 Twisted Individual Soiled Snatch / Rusty Sheriff's Badge Reformed Recordings
    RH016 Usual Suspects Killa Bees / Contortion Renegade Hardware
    RH44 Universal Project Danger Chamber / The Craft (Remix) Renegade Hardware
    RH45 Keaton & Hive The Plague Renegade Hardware
    RH042 Various Fire Renegade Hardware
    RH049 Keaton Invisible Man EP Renegade Hardware
    RH43 Various Water Renegade Hardware
    RH53 DJ Friction Torture Chamber / Defcon One Renegade Hardware
    RH040 Capone Twist 'Em Out / Kids Stuff Renegade Hardware
    RH30 Loxy & Dylan* Nightmare E.P. Renegade Hardware
    RH35 Future Cut Ghetto Style E.P. Renegade Hardware
    RH050 Various Paranoia EP Renegade Hardware
    RH41 Various Air EP Renegade Hardware
    RBP-002 Heretic / Murder Inc. (5) Heads High / Wings Of The Morning Rude Bwoy Plastic
    SMR006 Gambit (2) Floozy / Onslaught Slow Motion Recordings
    DRUM 025 Eminem / Bassface Sascha & DJ Viper Scary Movies / Touchtone Smokin' Drum
    SAR001 Brockie, DJ Kane & Ed Solo Stampede / Outboard Sonic Art Recordings
    SF001 Code:Breaker / Crystal Clear (2) Dreemz / Violent Actions Soul Fool
    SOULR 007 M.I.S.T. Jam Hot Soul:r
    SOULR004 Various Soul:ution Series 1 Part 1 Soul:r
    SOULR005 Various Soul:ution Series 1 Part 2 Soul:r
    SOULR006 Various Soul:ution Series 1 Part 3 Soul:r
    SPEC 001 Specimen A Global Terror Specimen A
    SPEC 005 Specimen A Untitled Specimen A
    SPLB001 DJ Royce Splatter Beatz Chapter One Splatter Beatz
    SUBTITLES027 Future Prophecies Total Confusion / Vacuum Subtitles
    SWITCH 07 Eliminators, The Somebody / Break It Down Switch
    SWITCH 10 Untouchables, The (6) Chimes Switch
    TLX 61, TLX61, 562 962-1 Roni Size / Reprazent Who Told You Talkin' Loud, Talkin' Loud, Talkin' Loud
    TSK 008 Stingray (3) Sensor / Drop It Task Series
    TI034 Technical Itch The Diagene EP Tech Itch Recordings
    TECH015 Various The X Project Pt 3 Technique Recordings
    TFFM009 DJ Ecco & Sabotage Despite Terraformat Records
    TURM 07 Spike Project Alien Trilogy The Turmoil Label
    THUN 004 Sidewinder (8) / Blue (2) Off-End / River Drive (Sidewinder Remix) Thunder
    TYME 020 Various Timeless Recordings EP Vol. 1 Timeless Recordings
    TYME 021 Total Science Hot Spot / Love 2 U Timeless Recordings
    TYME 022 Concord Dawn Morning Light / Check This Sound Timeless Recordings
    TYME 010 Digital Spacefunk 2000 (Remixes) Timeless Recordings
    tribe 004 D8A Ruff Beats / Phunk Rhyme Shaker Tribe Recordings
    TOV53 Psychosis Street Noise Trouble On Vinyl
    TOV 54 Eskobar Featuring Lemon D What Bass / Switch Trouble On Vinyl
    TOV59 Nu Balance & Noetic Money Shot / Vision Trouble On Vinyl
    TOV 52 Catchin' Wreck Cut Throat / Catastrophe Trouble On Vinyl
    TOV 12036 DJ Friction & Nu Balance Cryogenix / Movement Trouble On Vinyl
    TOV 50 Various Trouble On Vinyl Presents TOV 50 Trouble On Vinyl
    TOV 48 Various Here Comes Trouble Vol. 10 Trouble On Vinyl
    TOV LP 04 Various Here Comes Trouble LP - The Remixes Trouble On Vinyl
    TPR12029 DJ Red Everything Has Changed / Paradise True Playaz
    TPR12046 Pascal Johnny (BC Remix) / Flip It True Playaz
    TPR 12 045 DJ Hazard No More Games EP True Playaz
    TPR 12020 Freestyles Stronger EP True Playaz
    UR007 Rawhill Cru Mo' Fire U3R Music
    UD 003 DJ Kane & Genotype Abstraction / Menace Undiluted Recordings
    UKR 2006 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch Blue Power / Madman Unkut Records
    URBTAKE 26 Muffler Last Straw / Bleak Urban Takeover
    V-027 Ray Keith Do It / The Reckoning V Recordings
    V038 DJ Marky & XRS / D Product LK (Scorpio Remix) / Faithless (D Product Remix) V Recordings
    V041 DJ Suv* & DJ Patife / Danny C Inta Outa / Happy Hour V Recordings
    VELP02RX1 Die* / Suv Planet V (The Remixes - Part One) V Recordings
    V 037 Dillinja The Grimey EP V Recordings
    V 035 SP Collective LK / System V Recordings
    V 035R DJ Marky & XRS LK (Remix) / Love Fantasy V Recordings
    VLV007 Dillinja Live Or Die / South Manz Valve Recordings
    VLV011 Dillinja Fast Car / No Future Valve Recordings
    VLV006 Danny_C* Vivid / So Real Valve Recordings
    VLV01LP Dillinja & Lemon D Big Bad Bass Valve Recordings
    VIO 006 Gridlok Vampire / Aggressor Violence Recordings
    VIO 009EP Various Ultra Violence EP Violence Recordings
    VIP002 DJ SS Remixes VIP
    VIP001 DJ SS Remixes VIP
    VOODOO004 Mantis The Crypt EP Voodoo (UK DnB)
    DAONE 001 Future Sound Of London Papa New Guinea (High Contrast vs FSOL) White Label (4)
    War001 Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith Scallops / Firewall Worldwide Audio Recordings
    XLT 107 Breakbeat Era Ultra Obscene / Our Disease Tera XL Recordings
    XLT 172 DJ2 Basement Jaxx Lucky Star (DJ Promo 2) XL Recordings
    XLLP-109 Various XL-Recordings: The Third Chapter - Breakbeat House XL Recordings
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    These are my shipping prices for worldwide delivery and if you want more than 6 records then contact me. Be aware that a double pack counts as two records, triple pack as three records and so on.

    ***UK Standard***

    No, of records 1st class 2nd class
    1st record £3.70 £3.30
    2-3 records £4.50 £4.10
    4-6 records £6.00 £4.50

    Signed for is an additional £1.10 on the above prices and includes compensation for items up to the value of £50

    If you want to arrange local pickup to save postage costs that is fine and please let me know that is what you intend to do because payment can also be arranged at the same time.

    ***Europe Standard*** includes compensation for items up to the value of £20

    No. of records
    1st record £6.00
    2nd record £7.50
    3rd record £9.00
    4th record £10.50
    5th record £12.50
    6th record £14.00

    Tracked and Signed is an additional £5.15 on the above Europe prices and includes compensation for items up to the value of £50

    ***North America, Central America, South America & Asia Standard*** includes compensation for items up to the value of £20

    No. of records
    1st record £8.50
    2nd record £11.50
    3rd record £14.50
    4th record £17.50
    5th record £20.50
    6th record £23.50

    Tracked and Signed is an additional £5.15 on the above Americas and Asia prices and includes compensation for items up to the value of £50

    ***Australia & New Zealand Standard*** includes compensation for items up to the value of £20

    No. of records
    1st record £9.00
    2nd record £12.00
    3rd record £15.00
    4th record £18.00
    5th record £21.00
    6th record £24.00

    Tracked and Signed is an additional £5.15 on the above Australia and NZ prices and includes compensation for items up to the value of £50
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