Dnb end of the year


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I'll leave the album of the year, single of the year, etc, lists to the residents but what I'd like to know is:

1) How was dnb for you in 2006. It might have been boring, fresh, fantastic, disappointing, positive, pessimistic...

2) What was the greatest dnb event for you in 2006. Seeing your favourite artist live, playing your first gig, getting Andy C to sign your tit, etc., etc.


1) Started off great, turned sour.

My favourite dnb night shut down, I played zero gigs, found very little interesting new stuff to listen to play and got frustrated by the negativity surrounding innovation in the dnb field, had my first gig as a producer go belly up after I had arranged everything, generally a load of bollocks after a wonderful 2005 and didn't get to bollock Jungla-Murderer any more.

2) Seeing Marky live with a load of friends and enemies.