Dnb/Dubstep Tunes- Check the myspace pretty please

jus listened oboy, wicked vocals u got going on, fits together perfectly.

listening to about you, think you could do with getting some more hi hats in there, couple of crisper ones like, to go with the shuffle, and to complement the more airy/splashy ones.

bass is nice and warm (y)
not so keen on the frequency mods on the synth, could do with sounding a bit phatter imo, atm it sort of reminds me of a wasp...

keep at it mate (y)
Totally agree with you on the last bit, Unfortuntely my comp crashed and fucked up the cubase file so i cant edit it :( Thanks for ya ear though mate, nice1
you've got nice ideas mate but your beats are somewhat lacking rhythm, like all the little shuffles and stuff that keep the whole track flowing nicely.

really loving the vocals on 'about you', and the slightly out of tune piano gives it a nice uneasy feel.

these tunes could be really fat with a little more work, so yeh just give the beat a little more attention, maybe jam in another break and it should sound good.

Keep it up man!
thanks alot bruv, means alot!

I definitely feel you on the rhythm thing, its like everything is good but its missing something to make it great.

Thanks for listening man, ill add your myspace link and give you my thoughts.
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