DnB, Breakz and Old skool internet radio looking for more Dj`s

Revamp of timetable means change to available slots, if you are interested in playing on subbassfm then check out available slots PLEASE NOTE: All times are in GMT

Free slots are as follows....

Monday 10am-12noon 12noon-2pm 4pm-6pm 12midnight-2am
Tuesday 10am-12noon 2pm-4pm 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 10am-12noon 12noon-2pm 2pm-4pm
Thursday 10am-12noon 2pm-4pm 12midnight-2am
Friday 10am-12noon 12noon-2pm
Saturday 10am-12noon
sunday 10am-12noon 12midnight-2am

We also have a guest slot on a sunday 8pm-10pm which is a free genre slot and is handy for those that either cant commit to a weekly show or who play a genre Subbassfm doesnt cater for,for more details contact myself sweetie@subbassfm.com or dubya@subbassfm.com

All you need is a decent broadband connection as we currently stream with windows media encoder up to 320 kpbs also need a webcam as its live video and audio.

Demos have to be around 30-40 minutes long and can be sent via email or msn to either myself sweetie@subbassfm.com ,dubya@subbassfm.com or djhoody@subbassfm.com or

Links to mixes are welcome also

For more info we have got a subbassfm group on dontstayin.com

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