DNB Audio/Visual Live PA Set Demonstration


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(Please be sure to watch in HD quality for better audio/visual experience)
(if your internet connection can handle it)​

So this has been in development for years now as a background project. I'm shocked at how quickly it came together in the last few months starting from my first visuals gig onto what is now a fully integrated and sequenced visualization platform inside my liveset. In case you are wondering, what you are seeing is a vst plugin which is a port of a visualization plugin originally from Winamp AVS which I have been hacking away at and turned it into something more interesting. First of all, there is no need to do things such as beat prediction because it is now a vst plugin, it receives tempo from host. Also now it is fully integrated with midi and receives program/bank changes from Ableton so most of the functions are mapped out to my audio set.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas or critiques are appreciated.

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