DMF - 7 years madness (by DJ Hektik + Bad Boy Kaiza)


Sep 11, 2005
Mannheim, Germany
This is a special celebrating 7 years (!!!) of the weekly radio show "DMF"... It contains 35% dubplates and 50% outtakes, played only this one time.

During all those years, DMF has seen a lot of changes and developments.
One recent change is that it is broadcasted not only on bermuda.funk anymore, but also (parallel) via the web radio livestream. Because of that, the moderation is now finally done in English (only the outtakes here are in German because they are from 2004 - 2008).


Direct download (192 kbps mp3):

Playlist ( ):
-reviews (selected by DJ Hektik + Bad Boy Kaiza, operated by DJ Hektik, moderated by Bad Boy Kaiza).
01... Pyro -Transcendence [T-FREE-3EP012 CDR]
02... Bantom + Spherix -Past Tense [T-FREE017 CDR]
03... Budoka -Broken Arrow [T-FREE-3EP023 CDR]
04... Azrael -Breach [T-FREE010 CDR]
05... Sunchase -Im Not Dead [T-FILE-EP001 CDR]
06... Budoka -3 O'Clock AM (unfinished) [unreleased CDR]
07... Malibu (aka Budoka + DJ Malice) -Chasm [unreleased CDR]
08... Budoka -Questions [unreleased CDR]
09... Budoka -Mr Bubbles (unfinished) [CDR]
10... Budoka -Engine (unfinished) [CDR]
11... Budoka -Aether (TILT009 vinyl]
12... Histibe -In [unreleased CDR]
13... Walder -Gorale [T-FILE008 CDR]
14... D-Struct -Live The Storm [CDR]
15... kr4y -Depurify [T-FILE007 CDR]
16... Stereotype -Ultimate Technology [T-FILE-EP002 CDR]
17... LSD -Uziel [T-FREE049 CDR]
18... Asphexia -Predeath [T-FREE045 CDR]
19... Kriotek -BoRRhot [T-FILE011 CDR]
20... Sinecore feat. Peter Kuerten -Vendetta [T-FILE012 CDR]
21... Zardonic -Acid Industries [T-FREE-3EP024 CDR]
22... Isotop + Shots -Burning Identity [T-FREE040 CDR]
23... Isotop + Shots feat. The Phalanx -Assembler [TILT009 vinyl]
24... Isotop + Shots + The Phalanx -Past Zero Future (unfinished) [unreleased CDR]
25... Zardonic -Relentless Beating [T-FREE050 CDR]
26... Spinor -Moloch [TILT008 vinyl]
27... Amex + Kaiza -Sourcream (Spinor RMX) (unfinished) [unreleased CDR]
28... Spinor -Deadlift [T-FILE001 CDR]
29... Pyro + Jesta -Vision 2006 [TILT005 CDR]
30... Pyro + Mundane -FFWD [T-FILE002 CDR]
31... Pyro + Jesta feat. Techtronix -Cho (amex + Kaiza RMX) [unreleased CDR]
32... D-Struct -Merkaba (Amex + Kaiza RMX) [CDR]
33... Amex + Kaiza -Makz [unreleased CDR]
34... ADAM Power -Isolation [T-FREE051 CDR]

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