DMF 2010-10-24: DJ Hektik presents the Mav Megamix

After 9 months of quasi-absence, DJ Hektik is back to DMF - and will be doing the "late night" slot regularly at midnight on the end of the 4th Sunday of every month from now on (this new regularity, among some other changes in the show, comes due to the long-planned DMF relaunch earlier this month). Most of these shows-in-the-show will, in the best DMF Specials tradition, focus on one artist or facet of Drum & Bass (exceptions granted).

Now, on the first of his new series of monthly DMF late night sessions, DJ Hektik will serve a carefully built up mix of some of the finest tunes by the dutch producer Mav: expect some very deep and musical, yet dancefloor compatible stuff with classical techy influences!

Tune in at midnight! (Berlin Time)

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Terrestrial frequencies:
Heidelberg UKW 105.4 MHz
Mannheim UKW 89.6 MHz

Cable frequency:
Baden-Wuerttemberg 107.45 MHz

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