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    A few weeks back (10.11.14) DISDUB001 was released on Dispatch Recordings. Marking the first in a series that harks back to the days of the dubplate, the Dispatch Dubplate concept sees new material released alongside remixes of some of the labels most prestigious and beloved tunes – although available both physically and digitally, the physical release includes an exclusive dubplate version.

    DISDUB001 features a Break remix of a personal favourite on the labels catalogue, 2013’s mighty ‘The Formula’ by Hydro, Mako, DLR & Villem. On the flip side is a long-awaited collab between Xtrah & DLR; ‘Direct Approach’ is a dark, crisp roller with subtle hints of both ‘The Nine’ and ‘Messiah’ – two classic tunes referenced by two exceptionally talented artists, the result is as you would expect.. a phenomenal piece of drum & bass!

    As a genre in which the dubplate was not only a method for delivering music but also a format fundamental to evolving and influencing the culture around it, we had a chat with Xtrah & DLR about all things acetate…