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    WWW.MW-DNB.COM RADIO is just letting all the Drum n bass/Jungle djs out there with high speed internet know that there are FREE time slots for every day of the week available. Those who want one better act fast with 4300 members and growing everyday the time slots you want may not be abailable for long. If you are interested follow the link below, check out the time slots that are already taken, and then pick your own with whats available. E-mail your requested times to (with subject heading of "timeslots" or hit me up on aim: kineticdnb, my name is david.

    ALSO : If you want your mix put into the station's 24/7 rotation e-mail me(with the subject heading of "mixes") or hit me up on aim and we will discuss aquiring your mix.

    List of current time slots :
    aim: kineticdnb