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Aug 14, 2002
Oxfordshire, UK
We have recently started a new night in Oxford called "Liquid Baby". John B was the special guest at the launch and we currently lining up the likes of Photek, Klute, Addiction and DJ Suv to be spinning at future events. The ethos of the night is to push the deeper, funkier and/or more experimental side to our scene and to also showcase great artists in a small and intimate venue.

If you spin tunes at the deeper end of the drum&bass spectrum we really would like to hear from you, please feel free to PM me on this board or even better than that please drop me a line...


i look forward to hearing from you!


Dave @ Liquid Baby

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Nov 29, 2001
Leamington Spa, UK
Originally posted by Rareform
mr caution... you go without saying.... now just please obtain some suitable records dammit!


You know I have a fine selection of "liquid amen techstep" ready for when the time comes for a booking at Liquid Baby.

Heh, just joking. Can scrape together a decent selection of tunes when the time comes. Just waiting for a date from you now bro.....



Jan 3, 2003
I'm definitely up for playing some weird tunes to people who'll appreciate. If you can pm me your address I'll sort you a deep CD of many break shenanigans.
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