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Sep 18, 2002
*Plug for the DJs/Mixes*

Two new mixes up on One is from DJ Head, which is his own personal flavor in dere. The other is from your truly comprised of some of the New Releases listed below....very little flavor by me,btw. strictly bizness. heh :)
[NOTE:Scroll down to the bottom of the 1st "page" of and the mixes/tracklistings/etc can be found there.]

*Plug for Records*
D&B only record store..blah blah...atlanta..blah blah..
ever so slightly cheaper than everyone else..blah blah.

New stuff:
Various Artists - Reformed EP
Various Artists - Water EP
DJ Marky & XRS - LK (Roni Size/DJ Die Rmx)
DJ Marky & XRS - LK (MIST/Dave Angel Rmxs)
Various Artists - Dark Light LP
Roni Size - Playtime
J Majik Ft. L. Holloway - 24 Hours(Ltd. Edition)
DJ Hidden - Solid Tactics
Trust - Come with Me
Blue Sonix - This Feeling(High Contrast/Influx Datum Rmx)
AK1200 - Junior's Tune(Digital Rmx)
KRS One - Radical (Congo Natty Rmx)
Artful Dodger - Ruffneck Sound(Dillinja Rmx)
Subflo - Platinum
The Streets - Has it come to this?(High Contrast Rmx)
Dylan & Loxy - Area 52/Jabberjaw
DJ SS - Black VIP/Ma2 VIP
Technical Itch - The Risin' EP
Hive - Surreal Killer(Teebee/Klute Rmx)
Catchin' Wreck - Cut Throat/Catastrophe
Jonny L - Synchronize

BTW, To clarify a common question, We DO accept Money Orders as well. Check the FAQ page for details.


Konfusement Records

Keep the mixes coming! :)
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