DJs and MCs real names


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Nov 18, 2007
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Just wondereded how many the forum could get (aplogies if this has been done before, i am new on here)

Spyda = Colin Griffith
Goldie = Clifford Price
Fabio = Fitzroy Heslop
SS is Leeroy Small
Hype is Kevin Elliot Ford
High Contrast is Lincon J. Barrett
Groovwerider = Raymond Bingham
IC3 = Roger
shy fx - andre williams
ed rush - ben settle
DJ Zinc = Ben Petitt
Calibre = dominic martin
STFiles = lee davenport
Klute = tom withers
Flight = natalie
Twisted Individual = Lee greenaway
dillinja and lemon d - karl & kevin
Mampi Swift = Philip Anim
Andy C = Andrew John Clarke
Friction = Ed Keeley
Nicky Blackmarket = Nicky Andersson-Gylden
DET = Joseph Ellington
Hazard = Scott Molloy
Pedulum = Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen, Paul Harding, Peredur Ap Gwynedd & Paul Kodish
Chase & Status - Will and Saul
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Think I'm gonna make a thread on Dj's and Mc's shoe size. Gimme a sec...

seconds have passed and still no thread has been made. I'm itching to tell you about Andy C's shoe size. I have inside info...even made a little list.
Goldie = Flava Flav
Fabio = Del trotter
SS = Syrill Sneer
Hype = scratchy (itchy&scratchy)
High Contrast = Tom Selleck
Groovwerider = wesley snipes
IC3 = Roger rabbit
shy fx - William shatner
ed rush - eddie stobart
DJ Zinc = Gordon brown
Calibre = Smith wesson
STFiles = fuck knows
Klute = Tom Selleck
Flight = natalie had'er
Twisted Individual = Twisted individual
dillinja and lemon d - kevin and perry
Sammy dodger...............classic post.

ic3 roger rabbit. hahahahhahhahhahhaahhahaahahhahhahhahahahahha
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