dj's and mc's give this a read!


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Oct 30, 2008
West Country
Im MC Bodman, I've been writing bars for about four years, i like all types of dnb but love spittin to wobble/jump up. This year i played first time to a crowd and havebeen getting between 1-3 raves every month, ive appeared on a few internet radio shows,, a very well known site based in southbury north london &

Been spittin in local clubs in west country like chippenham bristol bath swindon trowbridge stroud etc but now started gettin regular sets down in brighton and essex area. Have links for pirate radio down in southend 101.2 PowerFM with DJ stokeske, that will be a big one for sure!!

If you have a spare minute check out my profile and listen to my recordings, if you ever need a mc link me up on or facebook transport is never a problem. and DJ's if you ever want an mc to spit over some of your mixes... let me know!!

Keep it DNB
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