DJRap 'Freefallin' Out now!!!

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    DJRap 'Freefallin' Out now!!!

    [Propa Talent]

    1. Freefallin (DJ Rap Original Mix)
    2. Freefallin (DJ Rap Instrumental Mix)
    3. Freefallin (DJ Rap Blissed Out Remix)
    4. Freefallin (Mark Campbell Remix)
    5. Freefallin (RidOne Remix)
    6. Freefallin (MADD-INC Remix)
    7. Freefallin (System 22 Remix)
    8. Freefallin (METTA4 UK Remix)
    9. Freefallin (The Nineties Remix)

    [Impropa Talent]

    1. Freefallin (DJ Rap Tech Mix)
    2. Freefallin(Sean O Hara Remix)
    3. Freefallin (Sean O Hara Dub Remix)
    4. Freefallin (Dean Anthony &Nick Coles Remix)
    5. Freefallin (Nick The Kid Remix)
    6. Freefallin (YeahiLikeThat Remix)

    Impropa Talent & Propa Talent are proud to present DJRap's latest Release: 'Freefallin' following her world wide smash hit 'Satisfied' with productions and vocals from DJ Rap herself as well as featured remixes from ' Sean O Hara, YeahiLikeThat', Dean Anthony & Nick Coles as well as the Amazing Trance remix by Nick The Kid.Simply great productions that will leave you wanting more-and if you do, Be sure to check out the Dubstep & Liquid D&B remixes on Propa talent.
    Propa Talent is proud to present DJRap's latest Release: 'Freefallin'with productions and vocals from DJ Rap herself as well as her Blissed Out Remix and check out the other featured Remixes from System 22,The Nineties ,METTA4 UK and MADD-INC delivering tearing Dubstep - while RidOne and Mark Campbell do justice to the D&B side of business.

    You Can Listen Here: or

    Luv & Bass,
    Propa & Impropa Talent