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    Cool Forum and my first post.. And my first Contribution :D

    Played a cut down version of my mix at mates wedding, he wanted drum n bass bit in there to get rid of the old folks, unfortunatly not only did it go down well but had the mums and dads up on the floor as well :confused:
    Drum n bass becoming mainstream???

    Anyway heres the full mix and the list... enjoy

    Let me know if im up there with the other talented guys (mixes) on this forum?

    Noisia - Stigma.
    Brookes Brothers - Dawn Treader feat. Futurebound.
    Brookes Brothers - F Zero.
    Brookes Brothers - Tear you down.
    Metrik - moving on
    Chase & Status - Pieces
    DC Breaks - Come Closer
    Telemetrik - Exit Civilisation
    Imax - Culture Shock
    Metrik - Stranger
    Fuckt - Keep Moving (Soulmatic & Octobass Remix)
    T-Phonic - Keep moving
    Metrik - Technicolour
    Metrik - Zero Gravity
    Matrix, Futurebound - Reflection
    konflict - messiah (noisia remix)
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