DJM 900 nexus issue


Aug 15, 2013
Just got one of these, seems like a wicked bit of kit.

due to my current living arrangement, I've been mixing with no output/speakers on my numark mixer, so basically just music playing through the headphone, using channel faders and what not.

I hope I'm being stupid and there is still a way to do it this through the pioneer series mixers

Running two XDJ 1000's from channel 1 and channel 4, I've set it to "CD/LINE" on both channels, obviously the red and white cables are connected in the correct positions...

when the channel faders are set to 10, I can't hear anything through the headphones? I only get sound through the headphones when both "CUE" buttons are pressed, which means you can't use the channel faders for gradually bringing tracks in or out of a mix. Is there a way of getting sound just through the headphones without having the "CUE" buttons pressed on each of the channels? Maybe something through settings?

ThanksDNB forum.
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settings included here, using channels 1 and 4, thanks in advanced!


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No no, you did the right thing mate, a problem shared is a problem halved n all that... It was nice watching your creative process/problem solving skills in full flow! :2thumbs:
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