DJM 600 vs DJX 700


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Sep 12, 2008

I just bought a DJM 600 from ebay. Was holding out for Allen and Heath but got the DJM quite cheap. I have been using a Berhinger DJX 700. Now I have bought the DJM 600 and awaiting delivery, I checked the specs for both mixers. They look very similar in specs. I am hoping to hear a difference. Will I be dissapointed?



May 9, 2007
they look identical (the djx copied the djm so goes without saying)

having used both id say the djx has the smoother crossfader but thats the only good thing i can find to say about the djx

the eq on the djm is second to none, less said about the crap quality of eg on every behringer product the better :lol:

you've made a wise purchase m8


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May 30, 2007
Leeds / Brighton
Your new mixer will last 10 times as long as that crappy DJX700, the sound quality is so much better and the DJM600 is more expensive for reason. Basically you're gonna have much more fun with your new mixer. Enjoy!
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