Djinn - SUNANDBASS Podcast #108


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Sep 28, 2009
Poznań, Poland
I know a lot of you don't need any introduction to Djinn or how fucking bad-ass she is as a DJ. But in case you do, she's just recorded the brand new episode of the SUNANDBASS Podcast! ❤️ :slayer:

Can't wait to listen to this after I'm done with all of today's Bandcamp Friday digging and shenenigans :teeth:

Seba - Special Ops (Secret Operations)
Call It - Structured (Inception Audio)
WDDS - Calls from Venus (dub)
DL - Bodied (dub)
Quartz - Thorns (forthcoming Utopia Music)
Slider & Expose - Reference Point (Dust)
Oblivion - Night Windows (Street Beats)
Eusebeia - The Conduit (forthcoming Rupture)
Alpha Omega - NY Skies (AKO)
The Untouchables - Fouls Game (forthcoming Samurai Music)
Titan - Nightstalk (Avalanche)
Digital & Spirit - Square One (Phantom Audio)
Digital - Justice (AKO)
Wax Doctor - Illuwatu (dub)
The Sentinel - Toulepleu (Basement)
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