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    This is my entry for the "Best tracks of 2011" mix comp... This is only a test as a few bits in the mix are a bit so i may re-record it before the deadline... Some levels are a bit off but ahh well, will get better with more practice :) Basically pretty happy with through :)

    I noticed all the entries on the forum were more Deep/Techy/Dark "Best tracks of 2011" so i went for Dancefloor/Jump up and some Drumstep... These are some of my personal favourites from the last year and stuff i have heard in a lot of sets and i feel are some of the biggest tunes from this year obviously i could stand here for days naming big tunes from this year but these are the ones that made the cut :)

    I went all out on this one wanted to do like an Annie Mac minimix sort of style or as is humanly close as possible to one on 2 decks :D

    Here it is anyway - 60 tracks in 60mins - 2 decks - I hope you all enjoy :)


    Track List:

    Swerve - 2DB
    Inside - Majistrate
    Barfight - Athys & Duster
    Dodge City VIP - Sub Zero
    Danger - Serum & Northern Lights
    Only You Know(Majistrate remix) - Modified Motion & Faction
    ***Poon - Sub Zero
    Niton(Sigma remix) - Eric Prydz
    Monster - Original Sin
    Rollin(Sub Zero remix) - Dope Ammo & Tone Def
    ***Dizzle - Vital Elements & Ruffride
    Heavy VIP - Crystal Clear & Zen
    Bloop VIP - DJ Guv
    Your Future - The Prototypes
    Crucify Me Pt 1(Extended DnB mix) - Phetsta & Shock One
    Louder(Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix) - DJ Fresh
    ***Bad Boys(Serial Killaz remix) - Serum & Northern Lights
    Now More Than Ever(Sub Zero remix)
    Relapse(Tantrum Desire remix) - Shock One
    ***Cross The Line(Metrik remix) - Camo & Krooked
    ***Everyday(Netsky remix) - Rusko
    ***Audio Skank - Supreme Being
    Shoot me Down(Sigma remix) - Stanton Warriors
    Crush On You(Knife Party remix) - Nero
    ***Run Riot - Camo & Krooked
    ***Quad Bikes(Delta Heavy remix) - Mensah, Sukh Knight & Squarewave
    Someone(Prototypes remix) - Friction, Mclean
    Blind Faith(Loadstar remix) - Chase & Status
    Touch Me - Cyantific
    Send Dem - Serial Killaz
    Tap Ho - TC
    ***Dont Push Me - DJ Guv
    Soundboy VIP - Hamilton
    ***Magic Man(Ozma remix) - Modified Motion & Faction
    New Life - Nero
    JD's Revenge - 2DB
    My Eyes - Nero
    Overkill - Delta Heavy
    ***More Than Ever - Crissy Criss
    ***Breezeblock - Camo & Krooked
    Corkscrew - Mattix & Futile
    Watch it Burn(feat Ayah Marar) - Camo & Krooked
    Reach - Tantrum Desire
    ***The Jungle(Sub Zero remix) - Sigma
    ***Original Sound System Style - 2DB
    Me & You(Dirtyphonics remix) - Nero
    T-2000 - Metrik
    Play Tonight - Tantrum Desire
    ***Phantasm - Original Sin
    Stomp - Sub Focus
    Got Milk - Supreme Being
    ***My Skool - Original Sin
    Sci-Fi - Modifed Motion & Faction
    Play For Real(Dirtyphonics remix) - Crystal Method
    Cold Crush - Aquasky, Bex Riley
    Hot Pursuit - Camo & Krooked
    Close - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
    Show Me Love(High Contrast remix) - Robin S
    Let Me Be Your Fantasy(J Majik & Wickaman remix) - Baby D
    Flip The Page - Friction
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