DJ Zuggi- The Trashed, Lost & Strungout Mix


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Had this one in the works for a while- or at least, theres a load of little mixes I've wanted to throw in a mix for ages, and this is a combination of all of em and a few other songs to mould it all together into one big mix.

The Mixing itself is pretty sweet, lil bit sketchy towards the end but fuck it, the tunes themselves make up for it. All round its sorta got a Netsky/ Friction/ Futurebound feel to it, starts off on some upbeat vibes, before moving into a deeper liquid sound and eventually into some big seriouz bass buisness at the end.

The mix is about an hour long (58:20 to be exact), its a bit of a beast at 133MB, but I recorded it in 320kbs for the best possible quality.


1. Shockone- Polygon
>>> Ram Trilogy- Titan
>>> Dillinja- Shiners
2. Camo & Krooked- Global Warming
3. Muffler- The Iron Tune
4. Sub Focus- Deep Space
5. Incident & Subz- I Feel Love
6. Future Sound of London Vs. High Contrast- Papua New Guinea
7. Nu:Tone- Balaclava
8. B Complex- Beautiful Lies
9. Snow Patrol- Open Your Eyes (DJ Marky Remix)
10. Sub Focus- Follow The Light
11. J Majik & Wickaman- Crazyworld VIP
12. Ebony Dubsters- Ra (Original Sin Remix)
13. Fresh- Heavyweight
14. Sub Focus- Swamp Thing
15. Xample- Heaven and Hell
16. Original Sin- Therapy
17. Sub Focus- Could This Be Real (Drum and Bass Remix)
>>> Moving Fusion- Turbulence

18. Original Sin- Feels Good
>>> Total Science- Nosher (Barons I Know a Little Spot Remix)
>>> Krust- Warhead (TC Remix)

Link: The Trashed, Lost & Strungout Mix

Feedback would be sick, Especially as this is without doubt the best mix I've ever recorded and It'd be cool to know that its at least managed to find its way onto more than just mine and my mates CD players :D