DJ Zinc's 1st tune couple of years ago at Slammin!


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Apr 3, 2002
It starts with vocal line sayin "I got you" then theres some lyrics including "closer to god"&"This ain't know sudden death" I'm guessin this is a big tune, i just hope it's not something too well known so i don't look too stupid! (Just don't tell me it's a remix of Closer to god, THEN i'll feel stupid!) :confused: :rolleyes:
I *think* it is 'Closer To God' on that True Playaz LP (Not Playaz 4 Real, the one before that).

Not 100%, I will have to dig out the vinyl to confirm ;]
No its not a closer to gad rmx, but it has got the same "Closer to god" sample in it. The name of the tune escapes me, but its definately a Zinc tune. Bad little breakdown in the middle of the tune!!
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