DJ Willie Ross' Birthday Basher!

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    May 16, 2006
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    Friday night, 8:30 PM EST ( NYC TIME!!! 20:30 for you military types ) April 27th will be treated to a massive show of some of East Coasts finest DJ's. We'll be spinnin all night so forget the club, bring the party to your house with us as your DJ's.

    If you're in the neighborhood let us know. Hopefully some more dj's will come and fill in the blanks with us. wink wink.

    Line up includes (but not limited to...)

    DJ's Longside the Tell MC:

    Prime Mover aKa Tasha & Chuck B (Pound Recs VA., Tribe UK, Rinsin' Sound)
    Nondeskript Vs the Redshift (BMC, Fluid Thursdays Mass.)
    Pish Posh (OG)
    Will Ross (OG)
    LordMael (
    Nrgetik (