DJ Wildchild - September 2003


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Nov 29, 2001

DJ Wildchild's track list

1 Good Girl - Dillinja
2 241 - Monkey & Large
3 Crazy Head - Nightwalker
4 XRS - Snaggle Puss
5 Teebee - Warehouse
6 Signal - Fresh
7 Hotness - Origin Unknown
8 Human - Dumnode (Audio & Mackie RMX)
9 Silence - Unknown
10 Brundle Fly - Audio
11 Back 2 U - Pendulum
12 Beautiful Morning - Rawthang
13 Capoiera - Clipz RMX
14 Crowd Rocker - Distorted Mindz RMX
15 Future Mashup - Keaton RMX
16 Salamol - Resonant Evil
17 Project Mayhem - Temper D & K Fire
18 Man Machine - Audio
19 L.I.T.E. - DJ Wildchild V's Resonant Evil

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For more information on DJ Wildchild, check her web site:
Ain't checked the mix yet but the tracklist looks good...

What I'm actually trying to say is:

Hubba Hubba!!!1
Sweet sweet set, whats up with the sound quality is there a mix of this somewhere thats not dodgy. I also can't get the October set by Wildchild ne where somebody sort me out! :towelie: I just wanna get high and listen to same dam tunes!
:oscar: Oscar is cool i can't deprive him and leave him out of ne meesage
i agree. i downloaded and the mix is skippy. and i cant find her october mix either o_O i posed the same prob on the october mix thread HEHE. SORT US WILDCHILD FANS OUT PLEASE! PLEASE! :(
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