DJ Wildchild - July Mix + Vinyl Competition


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Nov 29, 2001

Win a copy of her latest 12" with Damage - "Snow" b/w "Punk"

Just email the names of the two "unknown" tracks (below) to


Future Prophecies - Magnetic
Pendulum - Back to you
Clipz - Boymerang Remix
Unknown V's Delerium - Silence
Hive - Neo
Kamanchi - Hold It Down
Calibre - It's over
J Majik - Unknown
High Contrast - Basement Track
Keaton - Twist Em Out Remix
Dopeskillz - Unknown
Pendulum - Vault
Resonant Evil - Trouble Shoot
Ram Trilogy - Screamer

MP3 - 64Kbps - 20.9Mb
Right Click, "Save Target As..."

For more info on DJ Wildchild;

Also watch out for the new Friction Remix of "Punk" coming soon - Audio can be found on the DNB Forum dubplates page.
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