Dj Whoo Kid / Notorious B.I.G - "Night of the living dead"


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Dj Whoo Kid / Notorious B.I.G - "Night of the living dead"

01 Trick Or Treat Intro
02 Holloween Feat Nas
03 Lost Boys Feat Lil Wayne
04 Orphanage Feat 50 Cent
05 Sleepwalkers Feat Jay-Z
06 Exorcist Feat Eminem
07 Gremlins Feat Snoop Dogg & Busta Rhymes
08 Deep Red Feat Prodigy
09 Nightmare On Elm Street Feat Scarface
10 Dawn Of The Dead
11 Ghost Of Lil Kim
12 Thriller Skit
13 Thriller
14 Night Of The Living Dead Feat Big Pun & Big L & Jamie Foxx

The Notorious B.I.G is back!!!
The new concept mixtape called "Night of the living dead" brings to you 14 tracks all produced by Cookin Soul ( ,all beats samplin classic horror movie flicks , a masterpiece work , hosted by Mixtape King Dj Whoo Kid , features by : Lil Wayne , Jay-Z , 50 Cent , Nas , Snoop Dogg , Michael Jackson , Scarface , Eminem , Big Pun and more ...

props duffer for linking me this


much respect 4 this its fookin ace love biggie....

the llyod banks 1 is gd 2 will post if can find it again peace........